September 22, 2023
Automotive Locksmith Services Near My Area

If your car keys are lost, Automotive Locksmith Services can help you develop another key. They can also help replace your ignition switch if needed.

If your vehicle uses a smart key that activates a proximity sensor instead of a physical blade, an auto locksmith can upgrade it for you. They also have tools to remove a broken key without damaging your lock.

Lost or Misplaced Car Keys

Car keys are easy to lose or misplace, and they usually happen when you least expect them. The first thing you should do when you realize your car keys are missing is look around, stay calm and retrace your steps. Then, you should call an automotive locksmith to help get a new key made.

Traditional metal keys are the easiest to replace, as they operate 100% mechanically and don’t have any specialized electronics. If your vehicle uses this type of key, a locksmith can drive to your location and make you a replacement on the spot.

For more modern vehicles, you may have a fob or proximity key that operates with an app on your phone. These can be more difficult to recover if you misplace them, but they can still be replaced by an auto locksmith. They can also reset the security settings on your phone so that the old key no longer works.

Ignition Switch Replacement

When your ignition switch stops working properly it can be a major inconvenience and security risk. The ignition switch siphons electrical power from the vehicle battery to start the car and control other circuits in the car.

Automotive ignition switches wear out over time and sometimes the lock cylinders or other components inside the ignition are damaged. Getting these issues fixed early can save you costly repair bills in the future.

When the ignition switch fails, it’s important to have a professional service replace the unit. This process is not easy and usually requires removing the steering wheel, dash panels and possibly even the airbags around the ignition switch. Refer to a vehicle specific repair manual for guidance on how to remove these parts to avoid damaging the switch or other components. Then the new ignition switch must be installed and aligned before bolting it in place and reconnecting the electrical connector. The ignition switch may also require reprogramming by the car computer.

Car Door Lock Repair

A fully functional door lock is a crucial component of getting in and out of your vehicle. If one of the doors isn’t opening with either the key fob or manual handle, a professional auto locksmith can help.

The most common culprit for a car door lock malfunction is a faulty actuator. This complex assembly contains gears, cables, and a motor that can all fail. Most commonly, the driver’s-side door lock actuator will stop working.

This is easily fixed by removing the door panel and using a screwdriver to remove the retainer clip that holds the lock inside the handle housing. After this is removed the handle cylinder can be disconnected from the housing, and the actuator replaced. This is a relatively simple process for most automotive locksmiths. A qualified technician will be able to determine the cause of the failure quickly and provide you with an accurate estimate. They can also provide a replacement door lock if the old one is beyond repair.

Car Key Replacement

If your car uses a traditional metal key, you should be able to get it replaced by an automotive locksmith. These are the simplest keys to duplicate since they don’t require any electronics. However, the locksmith will need to know your vehicle’s VIN number in order to ensure that the new key is paired with your vehicle. This number can usually be found on the dashboard or driver’s door jamb. You should also write down the year, make and model of your car, as these details will help determine whether or not a local locksmith can help you recover your lost keys.

If your car uses a smart key that activates a proximity sensor to start the engine, you’ll need to call the dealership to have one replaced. This type of key is the most expensive to replace, so be prepared to pay for towing and dealer fees if you lose it. Some insurance providers offer a key cover policy as an add-on to your existing coverage that can help pay for a replacement key if you do happen to lose it.