September 22, 2023
Physical Therapists Specialists in Alexandria, VA

Core Wellness & Physical Therapy practices modern discoveries in their therapy techniques and offers honest, dependable delivery of care. The specialized Alexandria-area practice is skilled in a variety of manual treatments and wellness programs.

PTs specialize in improving mobility, movement, strength, balance and coordination for people of all ages. They help to reduce pain, disability and debilitating diseases with exercises and massages.

Physical Therapists in Alexandria VA

PTs are trained in improving and restoring movement, strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination in patients of all ages. They work closely with doctors to diagnose injuries or other issues. They also provide education on injury prevention and how to use recovery equipment.

Located in Alexandria’s Old Town, Sunshine Physical Therapy provides high-quality care in a supportive environment. The team is dedicated to staying current with modern discoveries and techniques. They also offer personalized treatment for each patient. They are known for their honesty and dependable delivery of service.

Core Wellness & Physical Therapy is a women’s health clinic that offers physical therapy and rehabilitation services in an intimate and comfortable setting. They specialize in pelvic floor dysfunction, C-section recovery, and low back pain. Their team is made up of certified physical therapists and licensed physical therapist assistants. They work one-on-one in a private studio to help their patients reach their goals. They focus on using a combination of strong manual therapy and restorative exercises to improve their clients’ physical abilities.

Physical therapist assistants

Those who choose to become physical therapist assistants work under the guidance of licensed physical therapists. They use therapeutic modalities and exercises to relieve pain, increase mobility and restore movement to individuals of all ages with various medical conditions or injuries. Typical workplaces include hospitals, clinics and private practices.

The VWCC PTA program offers a comprehensive evidence-based curriculum centered on contemporary physical therapy practice in an environment of academic excellence. The program supports the surrounding community through service by both the program faculty and students.

Sunshine Physical Therapy provides high-quality care in a supportive, caring environment. The facility uses techniques such as the McKenzie Method, Maitland Concept and myofascial release to treat musculoskeletal problems including cervical and lumbar spinal pain, muscle tightness, sports injuries, joint stiffness and geriatric rehabilitation. It also specializes in cold laser therapy to manage chronic pain. The center is licensed by the state of Virginia. Its therapists are trained to deliver effective and efficient treatments.

Occupational therapists

Occupational therapy involves enhancing fine-motor skills and hand-eye coordination in people who have suffered injuries or debilitating diseases. It is essential to help them regain mobility and function in their daily activities. Physical therapists also treat problems related to bones, joints, muscles and ligaments. They work to improve movement, strength and balance in patients of all ages.

Core Elements Physical Therapy specializes in women’s health and orthopedics. The clinic’s team of physical therapists works one-on-one in a comfortable, quiet environment in Arlington. They focus on pelvic floor dysfunctions and C-section recovery, as well as back pain, hip pain, and incontinence. The therapists are trained in numerous techniques, including the McKenzie Method, Maitland Concept, myofascial release, and joint mobilization. They keep up with modern discoveries in manual treatment and exercise methods to provide the best possible care for their clients. They are honest and dependable, as well as knowledgeable about how to help patients achieve their goals.

What is physical therapy?

If you have an injury or pain that affects your mobility, physical therapy is one of the best ways to relieve it. It has been shown to be more effective than prescription medications for musculoskeletal injuries.

Licensed physical therapists (PTs) use hands-on treatment methods such as massage, ice, heat, electrical stimulation, ultrasound and exercise to restore mobility and reduce pain. They also teach patients how to manage their pain and prevent further injury.

PTs are trained to recognize the importance of an emotional component in the client-therapist relationship. Clients who trust their therapists and receive regular encouragement throughout the process will see better results. The best therapists understand this, and strive to build a rapport that extends beyond the treatment session. They are also knowledgeable about how different body systems integrate with movement and can diagnose a client based on their movements. These skills allow them to identify underlying problems that may contribute to the patient’s pain or disability.